A Quality Outcome Every Time

Retailers, Restaurants, Hospitality, Schools, Municipalities, High Rise Residential

Understanding You

Getting to Know You: We dive deep into understanding your company's culture and your specific expectations to deliver a project that fits your needs

Compliance Standards: Rest assured, we adhere to Tile Council of North America (TCNA) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) guidelines

Site Quality Assessment: Before we even start, we evaluate the conditions on site to foresee any issues that might affect quality

Contracts and Scheduling

Dialogue with Project Management: We regularly consult with our project management team about any potential issues that could affect quality or timing

Contractual Fine Print: We meticulously go over all contract details to spot anything that could impact the quality of your project

Material Choices

Aesthetic Fit: We select materials that align with your design, style, and dimensional needs

Quality Inspections: Before we use any material, it undergoes stringent checks for defects or inconsistencies

Optimal Use: We ensure all materials meet their application's specifications for long-term durability and quality

Pre-Installation Checks

Pre-Approval: Your project's initial layout is reviewed and approved by either the General Contractor or Architect to make sure it meets your vision

Mock-ups: Where necessary, we create a mock-up to help you visualize the final look

Site Review: We assess existing conditions to prepare for a smooth installation

Quality Installation

Ongoing Layout Assessments: We constantly review and adjust the project layout to align with quality standards

Consistency is Key: We establish and follow strict installation methods to maintain high-quality outcomes

Daily Quality Reviews: Our foreman performs a daily five-point check to ensure everything is up to par

Final Checks

Comprehensive Review: Once we're done, we conduct a thorough quality assessment and tick off all items on the "punch list"

Final Consultation: We ensure your complete satisfaction by consulting with the General Contractor, focusing especially on quality